The Orange County National “Golf Performance Village” was created to be a one stop shop to improve your golf game. Whether you are a beginner or a scratch player, an adult or a Jr and you need a tune up or a full comprehensive detailed plan to play the best golf you can possibly we have it for you here. Orange County National has 12 world class teaching pros on site to help you with all aspects of your game. Click here for Instructors and full time academies.

We also have on site a club fitter/builder Golf Studio 360 who has fitted and built clubs for some of the best PGA/LPGA players in the world. Looking to improve your putting game, then look no further than the “Golf Village” where you will find SIK Golf. They can put you on their technology to find your flaws in putting and then build you a custom putter. If you are looking at getting in the best physical golf condition you can set an appointment up with Dr. Brendan McLaughlin.

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