Hole 1

1: The Blue Heron
Handicap 7
Champ 457
Orange 431
Green 409
White 368
Tan 357
Par 4

The Blue Heron is a 459 yd Par 4. The tee shot needs to favor the left side in order to avoid fairway bunkers, and to offer the best angle for the second shot. Green slopes from back left to front right with a lower tier on the front right portion. Par is an excellent score on this hole!

Hole 2

2: The High Hill
Handicap 11
Champ 510
Orange 493
Green 493
White 465
Tan 422
Par 5

The High Hill is a 515 yd par 5. Secondshot placement is the key to this and should be dependent upon the location. This multi-tiered green requires distance control in order to have a makeable putt.

Hole 3

3: The Creek
Handicap 1
Champ 487
Orange 432
Green 405
White 394
Tan 340
Par 4

The Creek is a real challenge! From the tips, this 470 yd par 4 plays overtwo water hazards. This narrow fairway requires precise tee shot down the middle. Take an extra club on your approach shot to avoid the creek in front of the green. A bogey here does not always lose!

Hole 4

4: The Panther
Handicap 13
Champ 196
Orange 176
Green 166
White 156
Tan 129
Par 3

The Panther is a challenging 200 yd par 3 over water. This requires an accurate tee shot to a narrow green that is guarded by water in front and on the left as well as bunkers on the right and back of the green. At 200 yards deep, give some thought to the location when making your club selection.

Hole 5

5: The Wetland
Handicap 9
Champ 399
Orange 371
Green 360
White 350
Tan 328
Par 4

The Wetland is a 405 yd par 4. Tee shot needs to be placed between the trees on both sides of the fairway. The longer the tee shot the better because thisgreen is thenarrowest on the course, surrounded by trees and mounds on the left and wetlands on the right.

Hole 6

6: Cross O’Hole
Handicap 17
Champ 181
Orange 170
Green 151
White 125
Tan 109
Par 3

Cross O’Hole is a 186 yd par 3 that requires a tee shot over water and bunkers. The big green offers a good chance for par before taking on 3 tough finishing front 9 holes.

Hole 7

7: Chad’s Way
Handicap 5
Champ 548
Orange 535
Green 505
White 440
Tan 409
Par 5

Chad’s Way is very difficult par 5. Tee shot needs to find the fairway in order to set up the second shot. Second shot should be played over the wetland and away from wetland on the left. Third shot needs to be hit precise in order to carry the wetland and stay on the green which is not very deep. Out of bounds lurks close behind the green!

Hole 8

8: Pot Bunkers
Handicap 15
Champ 454
Orange 418
Green 396
White 345
Tan 305
Par 4

Pot Bunkers is a 428 yd par 4 that features a generous fairway. Beware of theeight bunkers surrounding the front of the green. Always good to take an extra club to this uphill green.

Hole 9

9: Trace Lake
Handicap 3
Champ 427
Orange 413
Green 360
White 332
Tan 324
Par 4

Trace Lake has been thought of by many as having the toughest tee shot on Panther Lake. This features a very narrow fairway that slopes from left to right towards the water. A very demanding approach shot to the green surrounded by water and bunkers is required. Taking an extra club might not be a bad idea!

Hole 10

10: The Heathery
Handicap 16
Champ 538
Orange 528
Green 498
White 455
Tan 428
Par 5

The Heathery The Heathery is a 520 yd Par 5 that features a very generous fairway, so give it all you got!The secondshot is played uphill and should favor the left side of the fairway in order to provide the best angle for your approach. Elevated, sloping green offers tricky locations.

Hole 11

11: The Rowdee
Handicap 2
Champ 221
Orange 198
Green 180
White 173
Tan 145
Par 3

The Rowdee is the toughest Par 3 on the course! At 228 yards this is all carry over hazards and bunkers surrounding the front of the green. Long is much better than short here!

Hole 12

12: Laurel Oaks
Handicap 12
Champ 436
Orange 407
Green 379
White 362
Tan 310
Par 4

Laurel Oaksis a 439 yd par 4 dog-leg left that requires a good tee shot down the right side of the fairway. Long hitters can cut the corner over the trees, but don’t hit it to far left. A large green awaits that slopes from back to front.

Hole 13

13: The Pine Walk
Handicap 4
Champ 432
Orange 412
Green 381
White 367
Tan 333
Par 4

The Pine Walk is a 441 yd picturesque par 4 lined by trees and bunkers on the left and right side of the fairway. It’s all uphill on the tee shot and approach to the green, so an extra club might be a good idea. Green is tricky with much undulation.

Hole 14

14: The Long Man
Handicap 6
Champ 622
Orange 570
Green 546
White 537
Tan 475
Par 5

The Long Man is a monster!! This 622 yd Par 5 will take everything you have off the tee avoiding hazards on the left. Secondshot on this dog-legright should be kept to the right of the fairway. When approaching the green, be careful of bunkers in front of and behind the green as well as water to the left.

Hole 15

15: The Gulley
Handicap 8
Champ 215
Orange 189
Green 171
White 157
Tan 140
Par 3

The Gulley is a beautiful 227 yd Par 3 that carries over water and bunkers. Shorter hitters might want to play to the right of the green. Tricky tee shot may require an extra club.

Hole 16

16: Northward Ho
Handicap 14
Champ 450
Orange 417
Green 384
White 363
Tan 321
Par 4

Northward Ho is a 426 Yd Par 4 slight dog-leg to the right. Keep your tee shot down the right side as the slope of the fairway will bring it to the middle. Approach shot is to an uphill green surrounded by bunkers in the front.

Hole 17

17: Carrie
Handicap 18
Champ 163
Orange 153
Green 135
White 127
Tan 112
Par 3

Carrie is a short 160 yd Par 3 that requires a delicate shot off the tee to a two-tiered green that slopes from back to front. Could be a difficult shot depending on the wind.

Hole 18

18: Hillocks
Handicap 10
Champ 533
Orange 593
Green 461
White 450
Tan 434
Par 5

Hillocks is a great finishing hole! At 570 yards, this Par 5 requires a tee shot down the right side of the fairway avoiding rough on the left and bunkers on the right. Keep yoursecond shot to the right of the fairway. Approach shot to green is slightly uphill and green slopes right to left.

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